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Camping & Outdoors

Long gone are the days of travelling with nothing but a change of clothes, toiletries and accessories! Many people love to travel or go camping, taking an increasing range of gadgets. Powapacs realises and supports this.

Travelling in the great outdoors is about the journey and making memories along the way. That often means spending long periods of time on trains or on the road, as well as waiting time spent at airports and stations. Frequently you may not have access to a power point to recharge your devices, and this is where a portable power bank will solve your problem. No more flat battery blues!

Sports & Leisure

Many people like nothing better than to escape into the great outdoors, but what if you want to stay connected to the digital world whilst you’re enjoying all that nature has to offer? You might want to upload your pictures to Instagram, keep your portable speaker playing tunes, or recharge your camera’s batteries. You may want to keep your electronics charged, and be environmentally friendly at the same time using a solar portable charger.

Powapacs offers both a range of lighting solutions and solar rechargeable power packs so that you can keep on blogging and stay illuminated during your outdoor adventures.

Drones and Other uses

Apart from being super-handy in your personal life, power provided by a portable power bank such as the Atom may be able to help in your working life as well. Many people in different sectors e.g. photographers and drone pilots, could benefit from purchasing the Atom. Having fully charged batteries enables metal detectorists and RC enthusiasts to continue their pursuit for longer.

Occupations that involve significant amounts of travel, as well heavy use of laptops, phones and tablets will all benefit from a Powapacs product.

Medical & Industry

The Powapacs Atom provides power for anyone who is away from the mains power supply, providing significant benefits to those in the medical and industrial sectors.
A lack of mains power may affect people who need it, due to a medical condition. They may be prevented from travelling away from home, or have their ability to engage in hobbies or leisure pursuits restricted. The Powapacs Atom supports people with sleep apnea, requiring the use of a Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) machine, by enabling them to travel and still be assured of a good night’s sleep. This is just one example. At present, Powapacs is researching the use of the Atom for charging the batteries used for prosthetic limbs.

Powapacs can provide a reliable and affordable solution for the medical and industrial sectors, forming a close partnership which discusses needs and implications, and providing help and guidance.

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