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 The 10-in-1 shower solution! The very stable, height-adjustable (1.50 – 2.20 m)  shower stand can be set up in 3 minutes for a reviving shower on a hot summer day.  The water nozzle sprayer has 10 spray modes to meet the needs of various scenarios. Rotate the baffle to choose the nozzle type you need: Full, Flat, Shower, Cone, Jet, Soaker, Angle, Mist, One-Half Vertical and Center. Which can be used for Car washing, Plants & Lawn watering, Patio watering, and pet showering.

With the Powapacs Showastand, you can enjoy a refreshing shower just as if you were in a conventional bathroom shower. The fine shower jet ensures significantly less water consumption compared to cooling oneself off with a garden hose. The Showastand can also be used as a fully-fledged spray lance for efficiently watering plants. The showastand can be quickly and easily disassembled and stored in a minimum of space during winter. This way you can be sure that nothing will be missing next summer. 



  • Set up within 3 minutes
  • 10-in-1 shower head 
  • Aluminium tripod and spike
  • Height adjustable from 1.50 – 2.20 m
  • Wide shower jet
  • Water flow adjustment with one hand and on/off switch
  • Movable spray nozzle (180°)
  • With convenient and space-saving storage


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