Darren Greenfield, 48, of Swadlincote, is a former Team GB wheelchair basketball player and para-canoeist but in the last three years has been concentrating on becoming a strongman — pulling and lifting a range of outrageously heavy items, including cars and trucks. He’s the current and  2 x British champion in the seated class and now carries the title of the World’s strongest disabled man.

Darren uses a Ottobock C-Leg to power him through his day to day life, the  C-Leg 4 marks the start of a new era: It’s safer, more dynamic and modern. From stairs and ramps, to varying surfaces and even walking backwards the C-Leg 4 microprocessor knee adjusts itself dynamically to everyday situations. Darren also has the ability to control the C-Leg 4 with an app on his smart phone.

We sent Darren an Atom after meeting through the power of social media, and after reading his story and discovering his love of the outdoors, especially fishing we knew the Atom would make a difference to his lifestyle.  Darren has to charge his leg everyday as per the manufactures recommendation. This meant Darren couldn’t  get out for more than a day knowing he had to charge up via a mains source.

Step in the Atom and its all changed for Darren, he now has the flexibility to go out and stay out longer, Atom gives him the freedom to stay out overnight and even upto 5 days at time coupling the Atom with the solar panel. “Since having the Atom power pack it gives me the option to stay out 24hrs no problem and I would easily go to France for a week trip now knowing I have the Atom and solar panel to charge the leg”  Using the Atom Darren has found he can recharger his leg from around 70% to full  and only use 5% power from the Atom.

Powapacs would like to wish Darren all the success in the future and to see more about Darren and his adventures follow the links below.


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