Have you bought a Power box from elsewhere?[whohit]upgrades/repair[/whohit]

Not sure of how safe it is?

Has it stopped working?

At Powapacs we can fix, upgrade and more importantly check the safety of other boxes on the market. Take a look at this box from a well know supplier I think you will agree the standard of craftsmanship or lack of it is clear. Shockingly (pun intended)  these are in peoples bivvys right now just waiting to fail.

NO Insulation.

NO Protection.

NO ventilation.

Incorrect wire gauge.

Solder left in the Black tape!

Battery leaking/venting, causing corrosion due to no ventilation when charging.

IMG_2956IMG_2949  IMG_2952



Even there lights are poor quality no ip rating and speaker wire used and cheap led light strips that are already deformed from 1 nights use.



At powapacs our boxes are made to the highest standards, tested and then sent out to the customer.  From the smallest to the largest every care is taken to ensure our work is safe and long lasting. But its not just our boxes that are great our Lights are IP rated well made and fitted with the correct cable for long lasting use. We are the only company that installs breathers as standard to all our boxes allowing the battery to breath and still maintaining the IP rating of the box !!


Here we have another poor example from another company/hobbyist……

This box was  delivered to the customer and he opened it to have a look!

As you can see the battery doesn’t  look very new? and it was supposedly a 22ah battery ? hmmm

Once again very poor wiring “daisy chain” type connections meaning if one part fails it all fails plus can overload the wiring. Mind you probably wouldn’t happen in this case as house hold wiring was used. You can also make out the fuse, good start however its inside the box meaning you have to dismantle the box to check and replace, not very handy if your on the bank side.

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Next was the Charger that came with the Power pack. The customer told me it was very very hot and it took a long long time to charge.

So I had a look at the website that makes the charger, after reading the spec it was clear the charger was not meant for this size battery and it clearly states  on the site “A smart microprocessor controlled 12V 600mA 6-step lead acid battery charger recommended for battery sizes 1.8Ah – 7.8Ah”

No wonder it was hot it can’t cope with the size of the battery.


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