S.A.S (Swim Alerting System)

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In todays modern world the average outdoor enthusiast, be it Fisherman, Camper or Festival regular will spend a small fortune on their equipment. But unfortunately in recent years this equipment has attracted the eye’s of thief’s!!

Powapacs have addressed this situation by introducing the new Swim Alerting System (SAS) the systems works like a normal security light you might have at home or work but also alerting you inside the tent/bivvy.

The SAS system works by attaching the 30cm strip light to the front of your tent or Bivvy and the built-in PIR will detect up to 7m  in the dark. The light will automatically turn off after 40 seconds unless the sensor is still detecting a heat source in which case it will remain on.

When the  SAS light  activate’s not only does it  turn the bright white LEDs on it also alerts you inside the Bivvy or tent via a small alarm and flashing blue LED mounted in the small in line box.

The alarm and LED can be independently turned off  if you want to use the SAS  as an automatic work-light when leaving your tent or bivvy to work outside.

Unlike other devices on the market you can’t creep up on the light to cover or remove it, because its attached on the front of the tent/bivvy and has wide detection  angle of 120 degrees.

The SAS light can be used with any powapac or unit with a 12v supply. Please select either the 7 pin or 12v plug from the drop down.

To use with Voltz you must keep the AC socket turned on to power the 12v socket or Volts will power off when SAS light is in standby.

Note the SAS light is white only and can not be operated with a remote

Please note you can only use 1 light via the 7 pin  socket you will need the splitter box to run 2 light sets. IE swim light and SAS light at the same time.

SAS light is IP68 fully waterproof and supplied with 4 m black cable





Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 1 × 2 cm
Plug Type

12v Plug, 7 Pin Plug

3 reviews for S.A.S (Swim Alerting System)

  1. Tom

    it is very great! protect oneself, deterrent against thieves.

  2. waynesmadhotel

    Spot on .does as it should it’s a good bit of kit.

  3. Simon Robert Wood

    Excellent product. So simple and so much better value for money than competitors products.

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