Hello and Welcome to Powapacs.

Here at Powapacs we have developed our range of Powapacs and accessories using extensive research and development over many years. Our products are great for anyone who needs 12v power anywhere, including fishing, camping and the great outdoors, anywhere you can think off we have a Powapac for you.

At Powa Pacs we follow 3 simple rules,

1. The product has to be fit for purpose.

2. Simple to use and user friendly.

3. Value for money.

Who are we…..

Well Powapacs was all started by me Chris and believe it or not it all  started from a bet ! From making the first Powapac we have grown at an exceptional rate and we continue to go from strength to strength. From a very early age I was interested in electronics and it wasn’t uncommon for my mum to find me dismantling newly purchased R/C cars and pretty much anything that ran on batteries!  As I grew up things didn’t change much apart from replacing R/C cars with real cars ! I then went on to do several jobs in the motor industry as an electrical engineer.  However I was never content being stuck in the workshops and yearned for more excitement and adventure so at he age of 20 I joined the army.

Now nearly 20 years on I find my self coming towards the end of my army service and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I try to apply everything I have learnt in the military to my work and believe that this ethos has made powapacs what it is today. Honesty, Integrity and professionalism but also the willingness to learn and listen  and to always strive and push forward and develop new products. As some of you know I do like to talk about anything technical so if you have an idea or a question or anything you think will help or improve a product please get in touch.

( I’ll try not to talk to much lol )


Why buy from us…

All our products are tested for safety and are made to the highest standards. We are the only company currently using patented technology allowing the sealed lead acid AGM battery’s to breath in the sealed box. Did you know that if you charge a lead acid battery in a sealed box the battery might vent and leak into the box ! this can  eat and corrode the inside with nasty acid. This can been seen here in our repair section.  PowaPacs have sourced and tested every bit of kit we use and sell, Powapac come’s with a 12v 5 amp double usb socket and 12v cigar type socket. One of the thing’s that makes our Powapacs so great is the battery level display, there are so many boxes out there with voltage displays and amp meters, why? There cheap thats why, ask yourself do you really know how long is left in a battery with 9.7v showing ?  Not really, thats why our displays are great. Not only do you get a safe and  fantastic looking box, we also guarantee it for 24 months* plus the boxes can be made to pretty much any spec you require with the added bonus of having our own ‘In house’  Hydro dipping facility. Please look at the quality and finish of our power packs compared to other power packs. We strive to be in front with innovative ideas and products we are the only company that uses a waterproof  intelligent light/ accessory socket, this socket can be used to run all our lighting sets inc the swim light ,swim security /auto lights and or own designed bite alarms sensor light.  Other companies out there use a simple type sockets for all there lights and charging plus every thing else,this just adds confusion and clutter to the power pack. Powapac units are sleek and clutter free 1 charge socket,  1 plug socket for lights and accessories and your utility  sockets all mounted on top for easy access..simple!

Our Mission

We want to build the best boxes out there and for the best price  not only for Fishing but for anyone who needs 12 volt power where there’s no access to mains. We love feedback whether its good or bad because without it we don’t know if its great idea or product  or not so great and we can address the issue.

All boxes are made to order and we aim to get your box manufactured in 5-7 working days. Once complete it will then be shipped direct to your shipping address. I do understand you might need a box asap so drop us a line and we might be able to help you out.

So thats Powapacs please have a look around the shop, any questions go to the Contact page and we will get straight back to you. Please have a look at our product review videos and if you had a box from us please leave us a review on your Product.


Tight lines




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