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Atom Pro

Q. Why does my display not show any charge?
A. We suggest you charge from a mains supply. If it’s initially showing zero it will take a few minutes to start registering a charge.

Q. Should my wall charger get hot when charging?
A. Yes. The charger can get hot depending on how low your battery is when you start charging.

Q. Why is there is no output from the AC plug socket?
A. Make sure you have double pressed the power button, as in the instructions. “A/C out” will show in the display.

Q. Why does the torch not work?
A. You need to press and hold the button for approx 3 seconds to turn the torch on or off.

Q. Why does my USB device not charge from the USBs?
A. It may be the cable you are using. Use a good quality charging cable or the original cable supplied with your device.

Q. Why does the Atom take longer to charge the last 10%?
A. Please read the instructions regarding the “stadium effect”.

Q. Can I use a heater with Atom?
A. No. Heater and high-power items like kettles and hairdryers are over the 150W rating.

Q. Can Atom power a fridge?
A. Yes, but note that the fridge power rating will affect the fridge run times. It will also work more effectively if the fridge is cooled down as much as possible before connecting to the Atom.

Q. Can I charge my bait boat batteries from Atom?
A. Yes, provided that the power rating is within Atom’s 150w rating.

Q. Can I charge my devices from Atom while it’s charging?
A. No. Atom is designed to protect and prolong the battery life, so can’t discharge whilst it is being charged itself.

Q. Why is Atom slow to charge from the solar panel?
A. Positioning is critical to get the best from your solar panel. Please click here for a demonstration on solar positioning.

DAB Radio

Q. Why can’t I get any channels on the radio?
A. You probably have a poor signal, so try repositioning the radio and aerial.

Q. How long does it take to recharge?
A. Approx 2 hours from flat.

Q. How do I know the radio is charging and when the battery is full?
A. Look closely at the display screen and you can see a battery status indicator.

Q. How long should the battery last?
A. Depending on volume and what station you are using on DAB or normal FM you can get between 5 and 20 hours.

Q. Does the Radio show me what station I’m listening to?
A. Yes.

Digital 12" TV

Q. Do I need a power pack to run the TV?
A. No. The TV has a built-in battery.

Q. How do I recharge the battery?
A. You can recharge via the 12v plug or mains plug that are provided.

Q. How do I know when the battery is getting low on my TV?
A. The TV will display a blue box on the screen when the battery is low and needs charged.  

Q. I can’t get any channels on my TV when I scan?
A. You are probably in a poor signal area, an active booster ariel will help improve signal strength. 

Q. I have the Powapacs booster ariel but still can’t get a signal?
A. Make sure you follow the instruction carefully and activate the 5v power. Place the magnet on large metal surface and retry.

Q. Can I watch the TV whilst charging?
A. Yes.

Q. How long does the battery last?
A. There are a multitude of factors that can contribute to battery performance. Volume and what channel (HD, Standard) plus if you are using SD card or USB playback. The most significant aspect is signal strength, the weaker the signal and the the more the TV needs to boost the signal will effect the battery performance. 

Q. Can I watch my own programmes?
A. Yes, the TV can take USB or SD card inputs, which allow you to upload your own programmes.

Q. Can I pause live TV?
A. Yes, but you must have a SD or USB plugged in.

Q. Does the TV have HDMI input/output?
A. Yes.





Q. Is Luxx waterproof?
A. Yes Luxx is IP65.

Q. How bright is Luxx?
A. 150 Lumen on max

Q. Why doesn’t the remote work on a new Luxx?
A. You will need to switch the Luxx on using the button on the top the first time you use it. Thereafter the remote will control it.


Q. Is the Powalite+ waterproof?
A. Yes, to some degree. The Powalite+ is IP33 meaning it’s not fully waterproof but it can be used in all weathers. It should not be totally immersed in water.

Q. How does the Powalite+ work?
A. The Powalite+ uses Passive Infrared (PIR) to turn on and off. No remote is needed!

Q. Will the Powalite+ waste battery power during the day?
A. No. The powalite+ has a dusk-til-dawn sensor meaning it will operate during dark periods.

Q. Can I use the Powalite+ without the sensor?
A. Yes. You can use the manual buttons as normal.

Q. What colours does the light have?
A. The Powalite+ has 2 options, Red and White.

Powalite XL

Q. Is the Powalite XL waterproof?
A. Yes. The Powalite XL is IP68 meaning it can be submerged up to 3 meters.

Q. Is the Powalite XL remote controlled?
A. Yes. The light is fully remote.

Q. Can I charge my phone and other USB devices from the Powalite XL?
A. Yes. The Powalite XL has a built-in power bank with a USB outlet.

Q. How many phone charges can I get from the Powalite XL when fully charged?
A. On average about 2 or 3 charges for a standard smart phone.

Solar Panel

Q. Can I use the solar panels for anything else other than Atom recharging?
A. Yes, the solar panel can be used to charge various power packs and batteries.

Q. How long will it take to recharge my Atom?
A. Recharging times will vary depending on time of year and how powerful the sun is. On Average in the UK it takes approx 5/6 hours in good sunlight with correct positioning of the panel.

Q. Can I charge my phone from the solar panel?
A. Yes, the solar panel has a USB output so you can charge directly to your device.

Q. Is the solar panel waterproof?
A. Yes, the solar panel is waterproof. However, be aware that there is a USB solar control unit in the pouch on the solar panel and we advise that you keep the pouch dry.

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