"Powering your commercial and industrial needs with reliability and efficiency."


Powapacs provide versatile and reliable power solutions for commercial businesses. Whether you need backup power or lighting, portable power, or a sustainable energy solution, Powapacs can meet your needs. Powapacs are a great fit for commercial industries, especially those that require reliable, portable power solutions. The commercial sector encompasses a wide range of business types, from retail stores and restaurants to warehouses and manufacturing plants. Here are a few ways that Powapacs can benefit commercial businesses:

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Industrial Portable Power Supply


Backup Power

Power outages can be devastating for businesses, resulting in lost revenue and productivity. Powapacs can serve as a backup power source, keeping critical systems running during an outage.


Portable Power

Powapacs are designed to be portable, making them ideal for businesses that need to operate in multiple locations or on the go. They can be used to power equipment, tools, and lighting, and can be easily transported between job sites or events.

Zero Emissions. Infinite Possibilities.

Sustainable Energy

 As more businesses look to reduce their carbon footprint and operate more sustainably, Powapacs are a great choice. They use clean energy from the sun, which means they don’t produce any harmful emissions or contribute to climate change.


Cost Savings

Many businesses rely on generators to provide backup power or to power equipment on job sites. However, generators can be expensive to operate and maintain. Powapacs are a cost-effective alternative, as they don’t require fuel, oil changes, or other maintenance.

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