The smart way to store electricity

At Powapacs, we are on a mission to pioneer a sustainable energy future. We provide the most intelligent, economic and sustainable energy storage systems for homes and businesses. Our Powavault MS and PV Compact products store the surplus energy generated by your solar PV or wind turbine, helping save you money while you help protect the environment.

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Store energy, save money


Reduce your electricity bills

Powavault’s modular design stores your surplus solar power and low-cost electricity from the grid, supplying your home more cost-effectively. Powavault’s intelligent software is compatible with all Time-of-Use electricity tariffs, including Octopus Agile, so users with or without solar can benefit from lower bills.


Help get to net zero

Worldwide, we must all get to ‘Net Zero’ carbon emissions by 2050, and your journey starts with Powavault. We can’t control when the sun shines or wind blows, so energy storage is the key to unlocking 100% clean energy. By choosing Powapacs you are helping pioneer the sustainable energy transition from your home.

Protect our environment

Reduce your carbon footprint

By storing solar electricity during the day and low-cost electricity overnight, Powavault shifts your energy usage to times of day when carbon emissions are lower. This reduces the climate impact of the power you use and helps alleviate the UK’s dependence on creaking old fossil fuel infrastructure.



Support the grid

Working closely with energy suppliers, DNOs and National Grid, Powavault provides flexibility and in turn, helps to decarbonise the network. By intelligently ‘turning up’ or ‘turning down’ home energy usage we can help balance the grid and make the most of renewable generation.


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